Information - Attila Lake

With a surface of 7 ha, Attila lake was used as a stocking lake for all the lakes on the complex and the external lakes. After many inquiries from anglers we have decided to open it to the public. The lake is stocked massively with carp with an average weight of 20Lbs and in a less important amount, approximately fifty specimen fish.
This lake has a huge presence of natural food. We have noticed over the last couple of years that all the carp stocked in this lake have all without exception grown on very quickly. They have even taken on a dark colour, which is different to that of Fox and Heron.
In order to ensure the great potential for the anglers, the lake has been fished and analysed by our own team of anglers during several weeks. It was interesting to record that all the carp caught by our anglers were all in perfect condition whatever their weight. Our anglers have told that the carp are fighting like torpedo's !
The other main characteristic of this lake is how regular the carp are caught. This lake has truly taken the roll as "The Action Water". Most of our anglers who fished Attila for a short or long session came back with rings under the eyes. If the carp are feeding then you can expect not one or two runs per nights but.. a dozen !!
Attila lake is full of average sized carp that have never been caught before. Get ready for action and no sleep on this prolific runs water.
If we can give you just one advice, if you decide to take the Attila challenge, we suggest to sleep a minimum 12 hours before your session, buy some really long lasting batteries and last but not least, don't forget your running shows as you will have to get out of your bivvy quickly...and regularly..

Surface area
7 Ha, 8 swims for 6 anglers
Depth in average
4 meters
Maximum depth
5,50 meters
1, 50 to 2,50 meters
More than 450 species of 26 Lb and more, some of which reach 45 Lbs and more...

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