Information - Kingfisher Lake


With its regular shape and varying depths to 10 meters, the kingfisher lake is without doubt the most intriguing lake of the complex. The lake has 10 wide spaced swims.

This beautiful lake has been totally restocked ( local carp coming over from our external lakes + Frog ) with average weights of 26 lbs, some of which have gone to over 50lbs. It will be soon without doubt contending Fox and Heron’s crown as the water to be on. The beautiful carp are swimming together with massive catfish averaging approx 110 lbs with some reaching 191 lbs and over ...
If you are looking for a challenge. Some big Carp and Catfish...Then Kingfisher Lake is waiting for you!

Carp, catfish
Surface area
13 Ha, 10 swims for 8 anglers
Average depth
4 to 5 meter
Maximum depth
10 meters
2 meter
More than 300 carp with an average weight of 26,5 Lbs some of which reach 59,4 Lbs and even more

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