Information - Fox Lake

Fox lake has proven very popular over the last five years. With its regular shape, perfect swims with productive margins along with popular features.
The records in weight and in amount of catches during an angling season are beaten from year to year and are not countable anymore.
Following strict fishery management on this lake, the smallest carp are retrieved and replaced by bigger ones caught in our numerous external lakes each year.

Fox lake was considered in the first years as an action lake with lots of carp caught with an average weight of 33Lbs.
We noticed that the lake has matured and can now be seen as a specimen lake.
Fox lake has a cracking amount of gorgeous and massive carp, but it's now classed as a moderate water. The carp have wised up over the years but are very catchable with a little thought you could be getting amongst the monsters.
If we can give you an advice to prepare you mentally for this combat, choose your baits wisely, don't over do the baiting from the start. Remember you can't take it out after you've put it in. Prepare your secret formula, look for as much precious info as possible from bailiff and anglers that have been before and be prepared for challenge of your life..they are there...and are waiting for you..

Surface area
11 Ha, 18 swims for 13 anglers
Depth in average
4 to 5 meters
Maximum depth
6 meters
1, 50 to 2 meters
More than 1000 species of 33 Lbs and more, some of which reach 68 Lbs and even more

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