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1999 « Les Etangs de l'Abbaye » was created by Harlé d'Ophove family with an unique aim, being the first European angling centre for carp and catfish. The passionate anglers reacted positively to this challenge. Abbey Lakes welcome's annually from March till November a groups of anglers of different nationalities on to their lakes.
2000 Opening of two specimen carp lakes. Fox lake and Heron lake.
Opening of the Kingfisher lake stocked massively with huge cats.
Opening of the Wildboar lake for the coarse and match angling.
2001 According to strict fishery management, opening of Attila lake as a stocking lake Restocking of carp in the Fox lake and in the Heron lake.
Organisation of the 1er European Carp Master's on the Fox lake and Heron lake
2002 Stocking of 6 tons of small carp and into the Wildboar lake.
Organisation of the International Matchangling Championship « Open Déclic » on the Wildboar lake.
Complete draining of the Heron lake in order to clean the bottom and make it snag free.
Opening of a tackle shop in the Clubhouse.
Launch of a transport service for the anglers from the UK.
Restocking of the Fox - Heron and Attila lakes.
Launch of two monthly contests.
2005 Organisation of a big tackle and bait sold from the shop at discounted prices.
Restocking of the Frog's and Attila lakes.
Carp anglers food service, with the launch of the « Anglers Menu ».
Organisation of the Tri Services Championship of the UK Army.
Creation of an Abbeylake Team participating at all the big national angling competitions.
2006 Opening of two more specimen carp lakes. Frog lake and Attila lake.
Launch of a partnership with the famous UK bait company, MAINLINE.
Complete re-styling of the tackle shop in the Clubhouse.
Launch of a food delivery service to the anglers on the lakes.

Restocking of the Wild boar Lake with 2 tons of small carp.
Event: Carp Challenge organised by the popular British Carp Angling.
Championships team on Heron and Fox lakes.


Maintenance and repair of our tracks around the lakes.
Launch of a bread delivery service to the anglers on the lakes.
Weed operation: Removal of some weed spots on our different lakes.
Opening of the First “winter session" in November and December.


Restocking of Kingfisher Lake with carp from 26.4lbs to 52.8lbs and over.
Rowing boat allowed on Kingfisher Lake.
Frogs Lake open exclusively for coarse & match angling.
Purchasing of a special weed cutting boat.
Launch of our limited edition “Winter VIP Cards” (from the 1st November 2009 till
the 31st January 2010).
Restocking of Wildboar Lake with 1 Ton of small carp between 300 and 500gr.
Reshaping of Wildboar Lake by splitting the lake in 2 different and distinctive area’s,
match and coarse angling on one side and rod pods on the other side.


Official opening of Wildboar lake 2 for carp anglers.
Maintenance of our tracks around the lakes.
Renovation of the sanitary block with a special “ladies only” shower/toilet.
Designing of the new Abbey clothes collection 2011.
Launch of our small grocery shop.
Renovation of the clubhouse.
Launch of our Abbey Facebook page.
Launch of our books’ exchange library.
Setup of an electronic gate at the entrance of the domain.
Launch of our Abbey massage service each Thursday in the clubhouse.







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